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WhatsApp Marketing and Automation for your business.

Send WhatsApp Promotional Messages with Official Business WhatsApp including Images, Videos, with Action CTA Buttons!

Product Features

Contact Management

Import unlimited contacts and mobile numbers. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge based on the number of contacts.

Import via Excel, CSV, and Copy & Paste. You can make unlimited groups of contacts as well.

Campaigns Management

We do not restrict the number of campaigns you create. Our software allows you to create unlimited campaigns.

You can schedule the campaign for later as well.

Send Messages

Send upto 1000k messages with images, videos and other files to your customers without getting your number blocked.

Send personalized messages to attract your audience.

WhatsApp Inbox

Mobile numbers with Cloud API cannot be used on regular WhatsApp applications. Hence, we provide you with an Inbox where you can view all incoming messages.

What’s more? You can chat with customers for up to 24 hours absolutely free.



  1. New Mobile Number with NO WhatsApp Account
  2. New or existing Meta account
  3. Company website URL
  4. Company Email Id
  5. Incorporation / ROC / GST other Govt Documents

Generally Meta verification is done in 24-48 Hrs

You can send any kind of image, video, document message with Official WhatsApp Account.You need to get your message template approved from WhatsApp. You can do so using our panel. The estimated time of approval takes anywhere between 5mins to 24hrs.

No, the number will not get banned unless reported or blocked by a significantly large number of users for several consecutive days.

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